Are RV washer/dryer combos worth it? - Ask RV Supply Center Thursday

I am buying a new RV, and I am considering having a washer/dryer combo installed. Is it worth the money?

The short answer is no. Here are the reasons why.

First, the capacity of the combo washer/dryer, or even a stack-able unit, is very limited. You cannot wash your bed sheets, and you can only wash a couple of towels at a time, depending on their size. So while a washer/dryer combo may sound convenient, there are some things you cannot wash. And for those you can, you're going to be doing multiple loads.

Second, they use a lot of water. If you have hook-ups, this is not a big problem - but a complete non-starter for any boondocking.

Third, combine the small load capacity with the extended cycle times of a small combo unit, and you will do nothing but wash clothes on your vacation.

Fourth, they don't even get your clothes all that clean.

Fifth and finally, they are expensive to repair. From the cost of parts to the cost of labor, they are expensive to maintain because often the unit has to be removed from its cubby to diagnose and repair.

So from our experience and input from customers who have washer/dryer or stackable units, it is not worth the cost.