Ask RV Supply Thursday - My class A windshield is cracked! How do I get a new one?


I have a Class A Motorhome, and I was returning home from a trip, and a Semi in front of me kicked up a rock that hit my windshield and cracked it. Do you know of anyone that replaces Class A windshields?


We are sorry to hear about your cracked windshield. The good news is that we replace windshields. We can handle all aspects of your insurance claim from beginning to end. First, we will need the year, make, and VIN.

The second piece of information we need is on the windshield. There is a marking that identifies it. The data will be in the bottom driver-side corner if it is a one-piece. And if it is a two-piece, it will be in the bottom of the passenger or driver-side corner.

It is best to see the windshield and confirm the repair before starting your claim. But if you want to give us the information listed above, we can check to see if your windshield is in stock at our supplier. Most windshields take about 2-3 days to receive.

If you want to drive the RV by and let us do all the leg work, and you call your insurance to start the claim and pay your deductible, we will take care of the rest.

RV Supply Center is always looking to take the hassle out of owning your RV and make your travel adventures more enjoyable.

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