Do Scissor Jacks Have Maintenance? - Ask RV Supply Thursday

Question: Is there any maintenance I need to do on my scissor jacks, and is there any way to make cranking them up and down easier?

Answer: Yes, it is best, at least once a quarter, to spray the gear mechanism with brake cleaner to remove road grime and any old lubricant. After wiping off the excess cleaner, spray a liberal coat of white lithium grease. Then, operate each jack to enable the lubricant to penetrate the mechanism.

We have a ‘yes’ on the second question as well. Your jacks will take one of two different adapters that will go on a power drill that allows you to extend and retract the scissor jacks quickly. One of the adapters is a hook, and the other is a socket. So, you will need to identify which one your jacks will use. See the picture of the adapters to help you identify the adapter you need. Both of these are typically in stock.

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