How Do I Avoid Buying a Used RV With Leaks? - Ask RV Supply Thursday

Question: I am getting ready to buy a used RV, and I know that looking at the roof is essential; what are the trouble signs I am looking for to avoid buying an RV that needs significant repairs?

Answer: The song you don't want to sing after buying a used RV is "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head." While you may like the song, you want to avoid experiencing it in your RV. Here are some tips that might help you avoid the wrong kind of music.

First, you are looking for any sealant that is cracking or is starting to peel. Second, you want to look at the terminal moldings at the RV's rear and front edge, especially each corner. These flex points are susceptible to cracking the sealant and letting water inside. Also, you are looking for soft spots on the roof where water has penetrated and begun destroying the wood. If you find any, only purchase that RV if you get a hefty discount. Roof repairs are expensive.

Second, go inside the RV and look in each corner for signs of water penetration. If you see ripples in the wallpaper or sagging of the roof header, you know water has seeped into the RV. Or if you notice any staining or discoloration, you have an RV that has a problem and probably want to pass on the purchase. Also, if the RV has a musty smell, you probably have an existing leak or it has leaked in the past.

RV Supply Center offers free roof inspections and will gladly inspect a roof before you purchase any used RV.

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