My weight distribution hitch won’t come off! - Ask RV Supply Thursday

Question: I am having difficulty getting my Weight Distribution Hitch's bar released from the hitch. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Remember the song "Try A Little Harder."

Don't worry try a little harder

Girl really wants you man

Don't you see you gotta give her all the lovin' that she needs

Gotta try

Try it one more time

Gotta try, try it one more time

Don't you worry try a little harder

This may be true when you are chasing down a wife, but it is not true when uncoupling your Weight Distribution Hitch. You don't want to work harder, but smarter.

Here are some hints on making this process easy. First, you want to put a block or support under the foot pad at least six inches in height. Leave the trailer attached to the tow vehicle with the hitch pin still in place. Wait to remove the hitch pin or release the coupler until the process is complete and the wheels are chocked.

Next, raise the tongue jack until the tension bars are loose and easily removed. The trailer has not been raised high enough if the tension bar takes any force to release. Once the tension is released, rotate the tension bar 90%, unclip, and remove. Repeat the process for the other side.

Reverse the process when connecting the Weight Distribution Hitch to the truck, lock the coupler, and insert the safety pin before raising the trailer to install the tension bar easily. If the bar is not easy to lock into place, you need to increase the trailer higher. Once the tension bar is in place, insert the retaining pin. Repeat the same process on the other side, then raise the tongue jack, putting the trailer's weight on the truck.

Then, you are ready to enjoy your travels.

Good luck chasing that wife!

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