Tech Tip Tuesday: Don’t Cheap Out on Wheel Chocks!

There is a time when spending a little extra money is a waste and other times when you pay a little more, but you get a better product that you will only have to buy once.

Wheel chocks fall into this category. The standard brightly colored plastic wheel chock is as cheap as dirt, but in all honesty, you get better performance from a mound of dirt. They sell for around $5-7 dollars. The problem with these plastic chocks is that they are easy to drive over and do not stay in place. They are so light that a strong wind will blow them away.

The solution is some heavy-duty rubber wheel chocks. They will stay wherever you put them, and you will have difficulty running over them. They will chock your wheels, staying in place. The rubber chock costs more money in the $30-40 range, but you will only ever replace them if you lose them, and they will actually work as a chock.

We stock a couple of options for these heavy-duty rubber chocks. Come by and take a look and compare them to the plastic chocks.

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