Tech Tip Tuesday: Improving Motorhome Handling & Ride Quality

The bad news about Motorhomes is that they are notorious for handling problems, and they, at times, can be dangerous to drive because of those inherent problems. The good news is that most of those problems are fixable. For instance, one of the common problems is what is called tail wagging the dog. The tail wagging the dog is the sensation you get when the coach seems to have a mind of its own; you steer the wheel back and forth, and the rear half steers the coach.

We can fix this problem by adding a Rear Trac Bar. The Trac Bar will significantly improve vehicle stability and give the driver more control over the vehicle, thus increasing safety. It prevents the side-to-side motion of the RV, making your RV driving hassle-free and more enjoyable. There are many more Motorhome handling problems that we can solve. The tail wagging the dog is one of the most common.

Call us today and set up an appointment for a free consultation. We will listen to your RV’s handling concerns and give you an assessment of your suspension and devise a solution that takes the hassle out of owning your RV and makes your travel adventures more enjoyable.