Tech Tip Tuesday: Preparing your RV for Summer

Spring has sprung. However unsettled the weather is now, we know that shortly temperatures will rise. The appliances that you will want to make sure that they perform at their optimum levels before the summer are your refrigerator and your air conditioner. We recommend that both appliances be serviced yearly for the best cooling in the summer heat.

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The service on the refrigerator includes checking the gas pressure, voltage, and the operation of the heating element. In addition, we inspect the electrode for any cracking in the porcelain, as well as clean the electrode and make sure the gap is correct. We also inspect all the clearances to ensure they are within the manufacturer’s specifications. The burner tube is checked for pitting and distortion. We remove the orifice for cleaning. Finally, we clean any debris that has built up at the back of the unit, and we inspect the bottom of the burner tube to see if the baffle and baffle spring needs to be serviced, which requires the removal of the refrigerator. The average operating temperatures of an RV refrigerator are 0-10 degrees in the freezer and 36-42 degrees in the box. The cost of the service for the refrigerator is $250 plus materials. If the refrigerator needs to be removed to service the baffle and baffle spring, there will be an additional charge.

Mention this Tech Tip and receive a 10% discount.

The service on the A/C first includes checking the amp draw on the compressor and fan motor. We then clean the condenser and the evaporator. We check for any oil residue that would indicate a compressor issue. We clean the inside filter and visually inspect the baffling between the intake and exhaust. If the weather is warm enough, we will check the A/C temperatures to ensure it operates within specifications. The standard operating range of your rooftop A/C is a 20-degree difference between intake and exhaust. So, if your intake temperature is 80 degrees, your exhaust will be 60 degrees. The service on your rooftop A/C costs $125.00 plus cleaner.

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