Tech Tip Tuesday: RV Electrical Plug Safety

I am sure that most of you reading this don't remember the TV series "Get Smart." The lead character played a parody of a secret agent. His name was Maxwell Smart. And he was anything but smart; one of his catchphrases was "missed by that much" while holding his finger close together. While Agent Smart was not smart, we have a Tech Tip for you, which is a Smart Plug.

It is a smart change to make to your RV because the current twist lock plugs are often a fire hazard. The reason for this is the curvature of the connector, the small contact surface area, and the way the connection is made. The connection relies on a small dimple to run either 30 or 50 amps through. Once that connection loses its tension and becomes loose, it becomes hot, and as it grows worse, it will eventually melt the head.

The Smart Plug has a spring-loaded connector with 47% more surface connection area.

The Smart Plug is the solution to your shore power connection melting.

Here is a list of features:

  • Straight-in, single-step operation means no more twisting or fiddling with locking rings

  • Plug shape takes the guesswork out of connecting, so it's simple to use, even in the dark

  • A multi-point locking system removes strain from connection points

  • Side levers snap with audible feedback and keep the plug in place

  • The interior clamp bears the weight of the cord to support wiring in the body

  • The inlet cap snaps down onto the plug body when in use to hold the cord in place and reduce strain

  • Integrated seals keep your equipment safe from the elements

  • The inlet cap seal keeps out rain and debris when traveling

  • Flat electrical pins increase contact area compared to curved pins in twist locks

  • Reduces heat caused by electrical resistance

  • Blue LED light illuminates to indicate power is flowing

  • High-quality materials hold up to extreme climates or out on the water

  • Marine-grade stainless steel components hold up season after season

  • Nickel-plated brass electrical pins and tinned wires resist corrosion

  • Plastics are UV and heat-resistant Valox 553U resins

The installation requires no modification and uses the existing holes in your RV. The Black 50 amp kit sells for around $259.99, and installation is $125.00.

When we find solutions to common problems, we love to take the hassle out of RVing and make your travel adventures more enjoyable.







General Artists Corporation-GAC-management., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons