Tech Tip Tuesday: RV Roofing

The fall season is an excellent time to tackle various things that must be maintained on your RV. The roof is one of those things that will only give you a problem once it is too late. If you have an EPDM or TPO rubber roof, it will need some yearly maintenance. Those roofs need to be cleaned and have a UV protection applied.

Your roof can be cleaned with a mild dish soap, gentle cleaner, and a sponge mop. You do not want to use any brush or abrasive device. You do not want to exfoliate the roof because this causes it to wear prematurely and causes excess chalking.

Also, you want to avoid using a pressure washer or making any twisting turns with your feet when you are on your roof. Either of these can cause your roof to wrinkle or tear in the worst case.

We sell various products that clean and protect your roof in the same process. Or, if you have used your cleaner, we have a Protect-All product that gives you UV protection. The price for a gallon is around $49, and depending on the length of your RV, it will provide you with two treatments.

We are constantly working to take the hassle out of owning your RV and make your travel adventures more enjoyable. So we offer free roof inspections. We will either show you the products you need or give you an estimate for our service department to take care of your roof.

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