Tech Tip Tuesday: Tongue Jack Maintenance

Does it take a lot of effort to crank your tongue jack? There are a few different issues that can cause this problem.

First, your tongue jack may need to be greased and lubricated. Most jacks have a round plastic cap on the top of the jack just above the crank. Remove that cap and check the grease; if it has lost its viscosity, wipe out as much old grease as possible and add good-quality axle grease. We like to use Lucas Red N Tacky grease. Replace the cap, and while the trailer is connected to the truck or on a jack stand, crank the jack up and down several times. Also, using silicone spray, spray the inner shaft of the jack to lubricate.

Second, the inner leg that extends up and down can get slightly bent, and this will cause the jack to crank hard. Unfortunately, this problem has no repair, and it is time to replace the jack. You have the option of another crank jack, which we stock and start at around $67.99, or another great option is to replace the manual jack with a 3500-lb electric jack. We have those in stock; one is on sale for $199.99. See the picture.

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Tech Tip Tuesday- Tongue Jack Maintenance - Image 1.jpg