The Greatest Gift We Can Give You!

Ask RV Supply Center Thursday

We usually answer questions related to recreational vehicles. But considering the season, here is a question that needs answering.

Who is Jesus?

You may not know it, but this is the most critical question you will consider in your life. It has eternal ramifications. Let us begin to answer the question with an undeniable reality.

The world is a broken place. When we say the world, we are talking about human beings. Every human being knows that they are not the person they should be. The word of God describes this problem as falling short of the glory of God and not obeying God's law.

Man's fallenness is directly connected to Adam representing the human race in the garden, and when he sinned, we sinned in him. Adam violated God's command to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The result of Adam's sin was the corruption of his own life and the lives of all his posterity. Thus, death spread to all mankind because of the imputed guilt of Adam's sin.

God did not leave Adam in this hopeless estate but promised him that his offspring through Eve would crush the head of the serpent who had deceived her. Thus, God promised from the earliest moment of history to send a Redeemer, who would be born of a woman under the law, to redeem His people from the bondage of sin, restoring our relationship with God, the Father.

Thus enters the angel Gabriel 2000 years ago, to a virgin, betrothed to be married to Joesph, announcing to her that she would bear a son. Mary asks a reasonable question: how, since I have not known a man?

Gabriel responded by saying, Mary, do not be afraid; you have found favor with God. The child will be the Son of the Most God, who will sit on the throne of David, and His kingdom will have no end. You will call his name Jesus. Gabriel tells Joseph to take Mary as His wife, for the child she carries is conceived by the Holy Spirit; Jesus will be His name, for He will save His people from their sins.

Jesus, God's Son, being fully God and fully man, came into the world, and where the first Adam failed, the second Adam lived a perfect life of obedience in the flesh. He stood where our first father fell and gave his life on the cross as the perfect lamb of God, atoning for the sins of His people. Therefore, the promised offspring crushed the serpent's head, freeing His people from the bondage of sin.

So, who is Jesus? He is the Savior of the world, who was born, died, rose from the dead, and ascended to the right hand of the Father, who will come again to judge the world. Christmas is the perfect time to trust, worship, and humble yourself before the Savior. We often see this as a request, but if you read God's word, it is a command. And if you spurn His command, you forfeit God's mercy and invite His judgment.

May God richly bless each of you and your family this Christmas!

We appreciate and are grateful to God for our loyal customers, and the best gift we could give you this Christmas is to point you to Jesus.