What is ‘Regular Maintenance’ on my RV Trailer? - Ask RV Supply Thursday


I bought a new 5th wheel and wanted to know what needs regular maintenance?


Regular maintenance is essential for the best performance and life of the appliances and RV systems. Listed below are our suggestions for maintenance.


  • Check the water level in lead-acid batteries.

  • Check the tire pressure.


  • Clean and service the A/C.

  • Clean and service the water heater.

  • Repack bearings and inspect running gear.

  • Inspect roof.

  • LP pressure check.

  • Check the operation, and replace the batteries of the LP Detector, CO2 Detector, Smoke Alarm.

  • Service and test the RV batteries.

  • Lube the slides and check the slide seals.

  • Inspect the coupler and lubricate.

  • Sanitize the freshwater system.

  • Check the power cord head.

  • Check the 7-way trailer plug and clean it with an electrical contact cleaner.

  • Check the awning and slide-topper operation and clean the fabric.

  • Check the torque on your tire lugs.

Every Other Year:

  • Clean and service refrigerator and furnace.

  • Check the charging system and test the batteries.

  • Deep clean holding tanks.

  • Inspect kingpin.

While this list is not exhaustive, it is the perfect place to start.

If you follow the list above, it will take a lot of the hassle out of owning your RV and make your travel adventures more enjoyable.